Lauren, UK girl, 20. Just your average girl trying to tone up and lose weight! I'm trying to focus on athletic ability and fitness though, instead of what the scale says (I'll only be using that as an indicator of how I'm doing!).

At the same time, I'm gonna have a hell of a lot of fun. You only live once! If I want to go out to eat and order a curry, I will. If I want to get out-of-control drunk and party all night, I sure as hell will! I want to travel, eat, drink, party, run for miles, dance all night, appreciate the little things, have great sex, even better friends and grab every opportunity that comes my way! Talk to me, I'm nice :)

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” - Rita Mae Brown


Days without junk food: 5
Weight lost: 13lbs
Treadmill miles covered: 0 (not for long!)
As much as I hate exercising, I hate being so ill I’m physically unable to even more.

When I’m better and lazy again, I promise myself that I’ll read this and GET OFF MY ASS! GO! YOU WISHED FOR EXERCISE WHEN YOU WERE ILL! Now do it :)

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